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Version: 1.1.0

B2B CRM Help

The B2B Customer Relationship Management (CRM) application provides ways to automate and standardize the interactions with the potential and existing customers, and track the progress of opportunities from an initial interest to a closed deal. Apart from that, you can connect opportunities to the marketing companies, register certificates issued to the employees and save information about all content related to the leads and opportunities.

This section of SimpleOne documentation provides guidance on how to effectively configure and manage the CRM application, including general system settings, sales, marketing, content, kanban boards and certifications.

Getting Started

Start by learning about the roles included in the "out-of-the-box" CRM application, configure the selling directions for your employees, add products and install the SharePoint.


Learn about the sales procedures that include processing of leads and opportunities and adding contacts, customer and partner companies to the system.


Discover the marketing tools of the CRM application: learn how to create marketing campaigns, lists and offerings.


In this section, you can read about the content management tools of CRM. Track the life cycle of the content from the idea creation to the publication, create references based on the succesful opportunities, and save information about the tags and publications.


The certificates can be issued to the employees to confirm their qualifications. Learn about the instruments that allow you to create certifications and issue certificates based on them.

Learn how to add related records from the Lead, Opportunity and Marketing Campaign forms: tasks, actions, emails, meetings and calls. You can log all communication across an entity in one place.

Board Configuration

The CRM kanban boards can be customized to suit your needs. Read about the options for their configuration in this article.

CRM Properties

This article describes the system properties related to the CRM application.