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Version: 1.0.1


SimpleOne SDLC is a solution for software development management that provides tools for the management of product backlog, monitoring the overall development progress and the progress of separate tasks, planning and submitting the time spent on the tasks.


SDLC is still in development. The documentation will be extended as new features are added to the application.


The SDLC project consits of the project team members, the project objectives, the tasks that must be completed to achieve these objectives and the approaches to software development used for the completion of these tasks. The project may be dedicated to the creation of a new product or product module, or the development of an existing one. The project, however, does not have to be dedicated to a product and can instead be focused on another objective (for example, a research).

From this section, you will learn about the creation and management of projects, and the project team members.


Two approaches to the development are available in the SDLC: Scrum and Kanban.

This section contains information about the major differences between the approaches, their key aspects, and the functionality available for each of them. The information provided here will help you understand the Scrum sprint management and Kanban backlog management.

SDLC Product

SDLC product (software product) is the major control object in the process of software development. The software development may result in a new completed product or a modification of an existing product. Depending on the scope of the product, it may be split into the modules, which, in turn, may further be split into the child modules.

Explore this section for a guide to the creation of new products and product modules, the management of the product and its backlog, the planning and publishing of the releases.

Project Boards

Use project boards to organize the workflow of the project. The boards are created auitomatically for each project. You can easily monitor the work progress on the board: the tasks are separated into columns, each showing the number of tasks in one state.

Read this section to learn about the differences of the Scrum and Kanban boards, the boards and cards interface and about the configuration of board elements.

SDLC Tasks

Creation, processing and monitoring the tasks are the basic activities ensuring the progress of software development.

In this section you can learn about the task types available in the SDLC, their features and hierarchy. The section also provides an instruction on the creation of tasks and managemenet of the time spent on the tasks.