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Version: 1.22.3

Administrator Help

This section of the documentation is intended for administrators and provides guidance on how to configure SimpleOne in line with the organization structure, business processes, information flows, and work procedures. Also, it explains how to avoid and and troubleshoot user problems that may occur when using SimpleOne.

Branding Customization

Learn how to upload company logos to your instance, customize the login page and portal design to match your branding.

Data Structure

Get acquainted with the basic entity of the system – tables that build the entire business logic of the system. The tables consist of columns that can store various data types.

Data Import and Export

Learn how to upload data into your instance in JSON, XML, and Excel formats using the import mechanism, as well as how to use quick import and export.

Panels and Navigation

Get acquainted with the main panels of the interface and the navigator. Learn how to add new categories and menu items to your navigator.

Discover how users find keyword information with the Global Search. Learn how to set it up and add your own search groups.


Familiarize yourself with the main record view in SimpleOne. Learn what custom user interface actions are available on the lists, how to customize a list layout, and what related lists are.


Find out about one of the main record views in SimpleOne. Learn how to use the system form elements to customize your form views.


Learn how to create pages and integrate them with the portal.


Learn how to customize portal pages, limit page audiences, and manage the node hierarchy.

Access Control

Find out about the basic security configuration tools in SimpleOne.

User Control

Get acquainted with the methods and tools for storing, classifying, managing and maintaining user data.

System Audit

Discover the storage that log record creation, editing, and deletion, as well as other operations within the system, such as impersonation sessions, imports, executed scripts, and others.


Learn how to set up an email account in the system and track incoming and outgoing emails.

Auxiliary Elements

Get acquainted with the auxiliary elements of the system that simplify interaction with it and provide additional functionality.

Attachment Management

Learn how to manage attachments, restrict access to them, and track attachment errors.


Discover reports and learn how to customize their view and the displayed results.

Date and Time System

Learn how to set up schedules and create timezones. Get acquainted with the fields of Date and Time. Date/Time and Date/Time Specific types help to synchronize the system and access the accurate date and time.

Localization and Multi-Language Support

Learn how to add new languages to the system and localize the necessary interface texts.

User Interface Customization

Discover the tools that help to customize the list and form views by changing color styles and adding badges.

System Pages

Familiarize yourself with the main system pages.

Mobile App and Adaptability

Learn about the available mobile app and interface adaptability features.