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Version: 1.22.3

Auxiliary Elements

In SimpleOne, there are auxiliary elements that simplify the interaction with the system and provide additional functionality.

Condition Builder

The condition builder is commonly used all over the system in lists, in fields of the condition type, in related lists, and in the record picker window. From these articles, you will learn how to use operators, set filters, and how they work with different field types.

Activity Feed

The Activity Feed stores history of changes in records, work notes, and additional comments in chronological order. This module allows users to filter items by their type and displays information about the users who updated records,or sent a comment or a note.


Heapselect is a tool used in list and form layout configuration, yet, it can be used as a way to manage tables with the synthetic connection. From this article, learn how to create a custom heapselect.

Autosuggest and Record Picker

Get acquainted with the autosuggest and record picker that helps to fill in reference fields.

Flash Messages

Learn how to create popup messages and localize them in different languages.

Rich Text Editor

Get acquainted with the tool that allows users to edit articles, announcements, and any other input fields that require formatted text.

Dependency Map

Learn about the visualization tool that shows the relationships between different entities in the system.

Activity Stream

The Activity Stream widget is equivalent to the Activity Feed. This widget has a different design and, unlike the Activity Feed, does not collapse and no have a filter.