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Version: 1.20.1

Developer Help

This section of the documentation is created for developers and contains information about available tools and mechanisms that allow you to automate your solution. The section contains information about the SimpleOne data structure, system properties, integrations, APIs and scripts, and other instruments.

In the following articles, you will find the guidance on the platform automation.

Version Control System

Learn about the built-in mechanism that allows you to capture and track changes to the business logic implemented by the platform.

Data Structure for Developers

Get acquainted with the SimpleOne data structure and how you can extend it.

Business Logic

Discover a set of mechanisms that allow you to set rules and restrictions for the automated actions and processes.

Integration Tools

Learn about the available integration tools that allow you to automate and connect SimpleOne with the third-party services and data inside and outside your enterprise.

Common Automation Tools

Discover the SimpleOne tools that you can use to implement the logic of your solutions.


Learn how to create and customize widgets, small applications that interact with the server and client logic.

Developer API

Discover the available tags for configuring custom widgets and get acquainted with the available classes and their methods for extending the "out-of-the-box" functionalities and creating your own solutions.

System Events

Learn more about the functionality that allows you to create tasks to execute a server-side script or send a notification at a specified point in time.

Engine Management

Learn about the management system that allows you to create engines for solving various business problems.

Notification Handling

Learn how to set up notification sending rules, templates for notifications, and how the system processes incoming emails.

User Actions

Find out about the elements available on the platform that allow the end user to interact with the interface, and call the web server.

Script Editor

Discover the features of the built-in SimpleOne script editor.