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Version: 1.20.1

User Help

This section of the documentation is intended for users who use the SimpleOne solutions to facilitate and improve their daily workflow. It provides basic information about the SimpleOne platform and the available procedures, as well as helps understand how the workspace is organized and how the platform capabilities can be applied to routine tasks.

The User Help is divided into the following articles describing how to work with the platform:

User Interface

Get acquainted with the product interface, its main areas, including the navigation menu and the search capabilities. Learn how to set up your workspace.

Log In

Learn how to log in to the platform and change your password.


Find out about one of the layouts available on the SimpleOne platform and how to interact with records through lists. Learn about the tool for filtering records on lists – the condition builder.


Find out about one of the layouts available on the SimpleOne platform, and learn about the elements available on forms: sections, user interface actions, and the Activity Feed.


Discover the Report Designer – the tool for analyzing data, creating and customizing reports. With this tool, you can represent table data in the form of graphs and charts.

Work and Time Management

Familiarize yourself with the solution that helps to track time spent on specific tasks during a certain period of time.

Kanban Boards

Create kanban boards to visualize your workflow.

Self-Service Portal

Get acquainted with the capabilities of the Service Portal, its interface, and the available actions. Learn about the user personal cabinet, the knowledge base, and the service catalog.

Mobile App

Discover the SimpleOne mobile app that allows you to perform routine tasks right from your smartphone.