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Version: 1.3.1

CRM Properties

Use the following properties to set up the processes related to CRM entities.

To get a list of available system properties, navigate to System Properties → All Properties. To get a list of CRM application properties, navigate to CRM → Settings → CRM Property.

Property nameTypeDefault valueDescription
crm.user.schedule.defausltInteger167344761210571040Specify the schedule ID that will be used by default to calculate the task deadline.
crm.template_board.contentInteger168907408027803930Specify the ID of the content kanban board template.
crm.template_board.opportunityInteger168907410120636400Specify the ID of the opportunity kanban board template.
crm.selling_direction.defaultInteger168026545724337034Specify the ID of the default selling direction. It is used if the current user does not belong to any group related to a selling direction.
crm.allow.quick.closingBooleanfalseTo enable closing the Opportunity as won on any sales stage, set the value to true. The opportunity is closed even if Allow quick closing checkbox is not selected for the selling direction. Otherwise, such an opportunity can only be closed as won starting with the Decision sales stage.