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Version: 1.12.1

Change Enablement

The mission of the IT change enablement is to implement changes in the most efficient way while minimizing the negative impact on customers when the changes are being implemented.

In SimpleOne, a change enablement is a process of suggesting, discussing, planning, and implementing a change. The out-of-the-box solution provides a set of fields, states with predefined transitions, notifications, and logic. The following articles provide detailed information about change requests.

Change Types and State Models

Depending on the change type, change requests have different state transitions, and different algorithms will be adopted to implement the change. From this article, you will learn about the state model for standard, normal, and emergency changes.

Create Change Requests

Learn about the ways to create a change request via the agent interface and from other types of records, such as problems and incidents.

Track Change Requests

SimpleOne provides a set of notifications for tracking change requests: specific users can receive notifications about new requests and their state changes.

Process Change Requests

Learn about linking change requests to problems or incidents as well as about planning, scheduling, and closing change requests. In addition, figure out how to create change request announcements and tasks.