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Version: 1.12.1

Service Request Management

The purpose of the Service Request Management is to support the agreed quality of services by handling all pre-defined, user-initiated service requests in an effective and user-friendly manner.

A service request is a request from a user that initiates a service action that has been agreed as a normal, typical part of service delivery. Service requests include such standardized requests as access requests, information requests, and other. The lifecycle of service requests is managed as part of the Service Request Management process.

Create Service Requests

Learn how to create service requests from the agent interface, the Self-Service Portal, or a user query.

Track Service Requests

SimpleOne provides a set of notifications for tracking service requests: specific users can receive notifications about new requests and their state updates.

Process Service Requests

From this section, you will learn about the service request states, how to assign and update service requests, how to create requests categories and templates, and more.