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Version: 1.12.1

Problem Management

Problem Management is the process responsible for managing the lifecycle of problems. The general purpose of Problem Management is to prevent incidents and to minimize the influence of those that you cannot prevent by identifying the unknown root cause of incidents and classifying them as known errors.

Within SimpleOne, the Problem Management solution allows users to perform the following types of process activities:

  • Identify and log problems.
  • Prioritize and categorize them by impact and urgency, CIs and services.
  • Assign problems to appropriate personnel.
  • Investigate and perform functional or hierarchical escalation if necessary.
  • Create workarounds to reduce the impact of problems and to keep system functionality running while searching for a resolution.
  • Resolve and close problems with the objects related to them.

Create Problems

From this section, you will learn how to create a problem from a particular incident or from scratch.

Track Problems

SimpleOne provides a set of notifications for tracking problems: specific users can receive notifications about new problems and their state updates.

Process Problems

Learn about the problem state model, how to assign and update problems, how to create known errors and workarounds, how to create problem tasks, and more.