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Version: 1.12.1

Incident Management

The purpose of the incident management is to minimize the negative impact of incidents by resuming normal service operations as quickly as possible.

The SimpleOne Incident Management supports the following actions:

  • Log incidents
  • Classify incidents by impact and urgency, categories, and services
  • Assign incidents to appropriate personnel and groups
  • Escalate, resolve, and report incidents

An incident can be submitted by either an end-user or an agent. Users can follow and track the state until the issue is resolved or the service is restored. The incidents can be hierarchically connected with each other (the "parent-child" concept).

Create Incidents

Learn how to create incidents via the Self-Service Portal or the agent interface.

Track Incidents

Learn about the notifications sent to incident initiators and how to create your own notifications to track incident processing.

Process Incidents

This section focuses on the incident state model, and how incidents are processed by the agents. Figure out how to create incident announcements, tasks, and relationships between incidents and other elements such as problems, user queries, change requests. In addition, learn about creating and applying the standard solutions and workarounds to incidents.

Configure Incident Categories

Learn how to create and delete categories and subcategories on the administrator's side for further use by the agents.