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Version: 1.22.3



Role required: service_level_manager.

The records in the Contracts (contract) table store information about signed agreements, including the service provider, supplier, and customer.

To set up a relationship between an IT service and an SLA, follow these steps:

  1. Navigate to Contracts → Contracts.
  2. Click New to create a new contract record and bind it to particular articles and categories.
  3. Click Save or Save and exit to apply the changes.

Contract form fields

NumberYThis field is populated automatically and has the CON000000 format.
Contract NoNSpecify a number for the contract.
SubjectYSpecify a subject for the contract.
TypeNSpecify the contract type. This is the type of the agreement signed by the parties.
  • SLA – a Service Level Agreement between the service provider and the customer.
  • OLA – an Operational Level Agreement that describes the service provider relationships with the department responsible for service delivery.
  • UC – an Underpinning Contract that determines relationships between the supplier and the third party that provides any services required to fulfill SLA obligations.
Contract categoryYSpecify the category your contract is related to.
ProviderYSpecify the provider company.
SupplierNSpecify the supplier company.
CustomerYSpecify the customer. It can be a company, branch, section, department, unit, group, or employee.
ConsumerNSpecify the end-user.
DescriptionNAdd a description for the contract.
Contract statusYSpecify the current status of the contract. Available options:
  • Valid
  • Not valid
ResponsibleYSpecify an employee responsible for the contractor support.
Start dateNSpecify the contract start date.
End dateNSpecify the contract expiry date.
AutoprolongationNSelect this checkbox to automatically prolongate the contract. When this option is selected and Type is set to UC, the Supplier field becomes mandatory.
Knowledge base articleNReference to a particular article from the Knowledge Base with SLA, OLA, or UC selected in the Content Item Class field.
Total costNSpecify the contract total cost.

When a contract is created, you can create an agreement related to it by clicking New on the Agreement tab.


The Contacts (contact) table contains contract records that you can relate to a company, department, group or a contract.

Contact form fields

TypeYSelect the contact type. Available options:
  • Company
  • Branch
  • Section
  • Department
  • Unit
  • Group
  • Employee
OrganizationNSpecify the company to contact regarding your business aims. The field appears if you select Company, Department, Section, Department, or Unit in the Type field.
GroupNSpecify the group to contact regarding your business aims. The field appears if you select Group in the field Type.
EmployeeNSpecify the employee who must be a contact person. The field appears if Employee is selected in the Type field.

To create a contact record, do the following:

  1. Navigate to ContractsContacts.
  2. Click Create.
  3. Fill in the fields and click Save or Save and exit to apply the changes.