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Version: 1.2.4


ITAM functionality extends to operations for creating and managing stocks and assets associated with them. It is mandatory to specify a stock for the change of stock, inventory, registration, allocation and decommissioning tasks.


Roles required:

  • To create and update – itam_operation_specialist, itam_process_manager.
  • To read – itam_agent.

Create new stock

To create a new stock, complete the following steps:

  1. Navigate to ITAM → Stocks.
  2. Click New and fill in the required fields.
  3. Click Save or Save and exit to apply the changes.

You can link assets and spare part kits to a new stock by performing the following tasks:

Stock form fields

NameYSpecify the stock name.
LocationYSpecify the location of the stock with an accuracy up to an Office/Premise. When you select a stock via the dictionary, only the stocks with the office/premise attribute are displayed. You can run a few active stocks in one and the same location.
Stock ownerYSpecify the company owning the stock.
ResponsibleYSpecify the user responsible for the stock.
ActiveNClear the checkbox if the stock is not active. In this case, it is not available for selection when creating tasks. By default, the checkbox is selected.

The system does not provide a complete deletion of records. When a stock is no longer functional, clear the Active checkbox. The stock will no longer be displayed in the list of stocks available for tasks.

Related lists

The related lists area of the stock form contains information about assets and spare part kits assigned to the stock.

UI actions in the related lists area of the stock form are unavailable. To handle assets or spare part kits, navigate to ITAM → Tasks and select a required task.