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Version: 1.2.0


A project in SDLC is not a conventional project within the generally accepted approaches to project management. In SDLC, a project consits of the team members, the project objectives, the tasks that must be completed to achieve these objectives and the approaches to software development used for the completion of these tasks.

The project may result in:

  • The creation of a new product or module.
  • The improvement of an existing product or module.
  • Other result that is not related to the product development, such as an analysis or installation.

There are two types of SDLC projects:

  • The projects dedicated to product development may result in the creation or improvement of a product or its modules. The connection of a project to a product narrows the coverage area of the project.
  • The projects dedicated to another objective (for example, a research).

Each project has a name and unique code that allows users to quickly identify the tasks related to this project.

Access to projects

Operationpda_adminpda_userOther roles
Write+Allowed for the team leaders and owners of the product and modules to which the project is related.-

Approach to the development

When you create a project, you can select between two approaches to the development:

Depending on the selected approach, a corresponding task board that you can configure is added for the project. Each approach unlocks unique functionality: sprint planning and estimation of tasks in story points for Scrum and additional elements of the boards (WIP-limits, areas, swimlanes) and planning of backlog based on WIP-limits for Kanban.

You cannot change the approach after the project is created.

Task types

The project development is carried out through tasks of the following types:

  • Epic
  • Feature
  • User story
  • General task
  • Defect
  • Subtask

Each task type has its own features and purpose. You can also add child tasks for some of them.

All tasks related to a project are marked with the project code.

Project members

Project members are the users of SDLC application involved in the project. There are two default project member roles:

  • Team leader
  • Member

Any account may be a member of one or more projects.

After the project creation, a separate space for its members is added in the system. It includes a category, board, and filtered task lists.

Create a project

This article provides a step-by-step guide on project creation and configuration with the description of the project form fields.

Complete a project


Role required: admin, pda_admin, pda_user, if the user is a team leader of the project, or the owner of a product or a product module to which the project is related.

To complete a project, follow the steps below:

  1. Open the project form. Click Complete the project in the burger menu.

  2. If there are tasks in the states New, Backlog, Development, Review, Testing, Done related to this project, select an action for incomplete tasks:

    • Make inactive – select to change the value of the Active parameter for the tasks to No without changing their states. All fields of the task forms will become read-only.

    Only pda_admin or admin can make the tasks active again with inline-editing in the task list.

    • Cancel – select to change the tasks state to Canceled.
    • Move to a different project – select to specify another project in the appearing field Project.

    You can only select the project that complies with all of the following criteria:

    • The poject is active.
    • The value of the Product development parameter is the same as in the current project.
    • The project is related to the same product as the current project.
    • The same task types are available on the selected project as on the current project.
  3. Click Complete to confirm the completion of the project.

At the completion of the project:

  • The project becomes inactive.

  • The fields of the project form become read-only.

  • You can still add Work notes to the Activity Feed.

  • The tasks in the states Released and Canceled are not affected.

  • The selected action is applied to incomplete tasks.


Users with roles admin and pda_admin can make the project active again if they select the Active checkbox on the project form.